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2017 Trends in Golf Equipment: Parsons PXG
Leith Anderson December 28, 2016

2017 Trends in Golf Equipment: Parsons PXG

This is an exciting time of year. The new product buzz is starting—including leaks from Golf Digest Hot List testing. It’s time to take a deep dive on the Big Ideas that will make a difference in your game in 2017. We’re starting with Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) because it was a new line in 2016 and made a big impression.

But PXG is just to whet your appetite. There are plenty of new products for 2017. (And some older ones that deserve a second look). We uncover the ones have true potential and expose the hype. Plan to follow the story for the next three months and you’ll be up to speed before the snow melts.

Parsons Xtreme Golf Clubs

There is no doubt. If there is one golf equipment story that stole the show in 2016 it was Parsons Xtreme Golf. The most Xtreme thing about Parsons clubs was that they were Xtremely Xpensive. For some golfers, the price was a show-stopper—imagine a $50 hamburger. The smart money guys in the clubhouse assumed that Bob Parsons was just another rich hack feeding his ego on the way to losing $50 million. The Donald Trump model.

Parsons had the last laugh. (And so did The Donald). 2016 was a year for rule-breakers. The Parsons philosophy made sense to a small subset of players who overlooked the price to justify the value. And that small subset got bigger fast. By the end of 2016 Parsons announced they were on track to log $44 million in sales.

Parsons was not afraid to spend marketing money. He recruited a professional staff that won tournaments on every tour with PXG clubs. In late breaking news, there is talk that Parsons has signed Lydia Ko—arguably the best female player in the world. LPGA and Senior players are just as important to PXG as PGA Tour players.

PXG is a regular advertiser on the Golf Channel and publications including non-obvious titles like Cigar Aficionado and INC.

PXG offered only one iron model to start. The question Bob Parsons asked was, “Why would you want anything but the best?” The original design was the brainchild of two industry veterans from Ping who dreamed up the idea that delivered forged feel with enhanced forgiveness and distance control. They followed up with a Tour version and an Xtremely Forgiving version (XF) —close enough in look and feel to motivate players to blend their sets. We have configured sets with XF models in the long irons, original 0311 models in the mid irons and Tour models in the short irons. The models combine easily into a set that looks right.

Parsons irons are a little bit better than every other club we’ve tested in one way: the thin face and reinforced construction delivers more consistent distance control for most players. In one fitting, a low index player hit six seven irons to 173 yards—in succession—to the yard. That was an extraordinary result.

We measure accuracy and consistency with radar. PXG irons are not the hottest—that honor goes to Callaway X-16 in our testing. We don’t value longest distance in an iron. We like it when you can throw a blanket over 10 shots. Our ultimate goal with iron play is the “tap in birdie.”

But do the clubs perform?

The acid test is, “Do PXG irons perform on the course?” Our very first client, Lee Crannell, won the Club Championship at Crooked Stick in 2016 after many years of bridesmaid finishes. His new PXG irons were in the bag. We’re not claiming that the irons made all the difference, but all he needed was a couple of strokes.

Price doesn’t matter when you’re trying to win a Championship. Another indication of long-term acceptance is that players who started with a set of PXG irons are returning to fill in wedges, fairways, hybrids and drivers. PXG has inspired a cult of believers.

When you’re contemplating a significant investment in golf clubs you want to know for sure that you’re not making a mistake. At C2C, we custom build every set on site. That way we can make sure that your PXG clubs are the best possible combination of set makeup, shaft, grip and balance.

We offer complete sets of PXG irons for on-course validation. You can hit through the bag from familiar positions on your home course. That’s the best way to know for sure that your new clubs will perform.

We back our belief in PXG with the golf industry’s most outrageous custom fitting guarantee. If we can’t beat the performance of your own clubs in ways we can measure—distance, accuracy or consistency—we will make your fitting free and buy you lunch for your trouble. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to see if there’s room for improvement while it’s cold outside? Who said there’s no such thing as a “free lunch?”

You can schedule an appointment any time: weekdays, evenings or weekends. The cost is $125 for a two-hour fitting session with Leith Anderson—our Golf Digest Top 100 fitter in California and Indiana.

P.S. Don’t think that the only clubs we offer are Parsons at $350 a stick. We have a full range of the best Name Brand clubs in the world including Callaway, Mizuno, Edel Golf, Taylor Made and Ping—all at competitive prices. If you’re looking for a super deal on custom fit irons we have Swing Science at just $75 a stick. You can even trade your old clubs for credit.

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