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Technology available at Correct2Compete - Flightscope
Michelle Stahl May 2, 2017 No Comments

Technology available at Correct2Compete – Flightscope

As you are all probably aware, we live in a world that is increasingly driven by data. Golf, like many of our major sports, is starting to be taken over by the use of data/analytics as well. Using the latest technologies available, we have access to an immense amount of data that can be put to good use on our golf games….if we understand it. At Correct2Compete, we feature one of the best tools available for golfers who want to improve their games: FlightScope launch monitor technology. FlightScope is used by the best in golf including tour players, top golf teachers, club fitters, and club manufacturers.

What Flightscope Does
To best utilize the technology and practice with a purpose, we must understand the data that the technology gives us. A few of the main data points, as they relate to a golf swing are:
• Ball speed – launch speed of the ball. It has the biggest effect on carry distance. Centered impact and increased club head speed help increase ball speed.
• Club speed – measured on the sweet spot at impact. It has direct influence on ball speed if struck on center.
• Smash Factor (ball speed div. by club speed) – the energy transfer of club to ball as a result of impact position on the club face. Centered impact improves smash factor
• Vertical Launch Angle – angle the ball is launched relative to horizon. Influences shot height, and is determined largely by angle of attack to the ball.
• Horizontal Launch Angle – angle the ball is launched relative to target line. Club face angle has biggest influence on horizontal launch angle.

These are just a few of the data points that FlightScope has the ability to produce. By understanding what each reading means, we can customize our practice to improve the numbers, eventually resulting in an overall improved golf game. At Correct2Compete, that is exactly what we do.

How We Use FlightScope at C2C
At our training facility, we have Flightscope launch monitors set up on 4 of our 6 range bays. Our instructors can assess your game using the FlightScope data, give you instant feedback, pinpointing areas that need work, and giving you knowledge or drills to work on. FlightScope has features for working on specific swing mechanics in “Block practice” mode, where we are only concerned with 1 swing thought and not concerned with results. On the other hand, the FlightScope Skills feature can be used to simulate more of a golf course environment and is what we consider “Game practice”. In this feature, player can play games, target practice, test skills and should not be thinking about swing technique but rather in a competition mindset.

Why FlightScope at C2C
It is said that the majority of golfers do not understand how to practice, and as a result, get worse in their efforts to improve. Using Flightscope at Correct2Compete not only tells you what part of your swing you need to focus on, we have the knowledge to show you how to improve on it. Once you understand how to use FlightScope more, you will have the knowledge yourself. So come in to C2C and get better now!


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