Everyone starts somewhere, we start with the basics. Our assessment is what gives us the starting point for your program and allows us to progress when you're ready.



This starting point gives us a blueprint that allows our team to build your personalized program. Knowing your limitations allows our team to address them with functional movements that help you to move more efficiently and improve your perfromance. Knowing your strengths lets our team to continue to challenge you in these areas and help you to go forward with confidence in the areas you excel at. The Functional Movement Screen is seven simple movements that give our team an opportunity to assess where you are mobile and stable. This is essential as the body is made up of an alternating pattern of mobile and stable joints, any limitations in this pattern will create movement dysfunctions that can negativey affect performance. The assessment includes measurements of power, speed, conditioning and strength using simple but effective tests like the vertial jump, 5-10-5 drill, and pullups. Your performance in the assessment will be compared to other athletes of your age to see where you stand and encourage competitive drive, it allows a program to be built personalized to your needs as an athlete.