Wolf Run – The Last Chance Dance

If you have not played Wolf Run there is simply no excuse for missing the chance to see what a masterpiece looks like – up close and personal. This Fall is the perfect time to play a gem of a golf course.

Wolf Run is the ranked fifth-best golf course in Indiana, just a few rungs behind Crooked Stick – number two. It is in great condition.

I’ve worked out a great deal to make that possible – and get started on taking a few strokes off of your handicap before next season.

“Radar on the Range” Session.

We are going to “kill two birds with one stone”. Get to the golf course three hours early and spend the time productively with “Radar on the Range”.

Option #1 – Map Your Bag

If you’re a newbie to training for golf, I recommend spending the time hitting through your bag with radar looking over your shoulder. It will take about two hours.

The key to scoring is distance control. On the PGA Tour, players have learned their distances “to a yard”. Your goal is to create a distance chart for every club in your bag. You will know long, short and average carry distance. You will know your most likely miss. No more excuses pulling the wrong club. That will be worth three strokes off of your afternoon round on Wolf Run. Radar for distance control saves months of work by hand and by eye.

Option #2 – Wedge Workout

If you would rather do something a little less strenuous, you can focus on your short game.

You probably know how far you hit your wedges with a full swing – plus or minus five or ten yards. To score on a good golf course you need to know your carry distances with your wedges – to a yard. Even if you have a pretty good idea of distance with a full swing, it’s a sure bet that you don’t know how far your carry a “knock-down” – partial swing with every wedge in your bag.

It takes about an hour and a half to hit ten full and ten partial shots with three wedges. We’ll reserve two hours so you can take it easy. Your goal is to create a chart for every wedge in your bag. You will know long, short and average carry distance. You will know your most likely miss.

You’ll put your work to good use in your afternoon round.

Play Wolf Run.

For the next six weeks I’m putting together games – I need two players to join me for each round. We’ll be playing threesomes. You have your choice of times: Saturday at 1 P.M. or Sunday at 1 P.M (for players who don’t mind getting their Colts game on tape). We’re just going to “go play”.

If you’re worried about shooting a million, we’ll take a little pressure off. We will play from the white tees. Wolf Run is a little over 6000 yards from the whites. You can keep score if you want to. Or, you can drop a new ball if you need a second chance on a shot. That’s a good way to get acquainted with a Championship golf course.

Fall is Great for Improving your Game

I’m looking for players who want to play better golf. There are lots of ways to do that, one being, to play more on good golf courses.

At Correct2Compete we know that technology has revolutionized instruction, training and clubfitting. If you are serious about shooting lower scores, we guarantee results if you’ll give us a little time and you’re willing to put in some work.

In eighteen holes of golf, I’ll be able to see how you get along with a championship golf course. At the end of the day, I’ll have a good idea of the path to quickest improvement. We’ll be able to sketch out a plan. That’s why we’ll play in threesomes. We’ll ride together.

The summer season is over. Tournaments are complete. There is next season to look forward to. If you want to get on top of the leaderboard next year, it won’t happen by accident.

Get in touch to discuss a personalized clubfitting or training program.

To reserve a place or discuss options, contact Leith Anderson directly by email (leithander@gmail.com) or cell phone (650) 743-2816.

Best Regards,

Leith Anderson

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