Speed & Agility Preparation for Winter Sports

The training you do this fall will help prepare you to win or lose this winter. As the temperatures continue to drop and the comfort of Netflix or Fortnite becomes more appealing, it’s easy to push off the training you need NOW for later. We all know that the best athletes work hard. But what exactly are they doing to improve, and how does it work? More importantly, how can you become a better athlete yourself?


1. Intelligent Coaching

The coaching you receive in any particular sport is essential for developing your skill and athleticism. And when you add in a speed and agility coach, you training is magnified beyond measure. Every court, field, and ice sport relies on speed, power, and strength, but the most important of these is SPEED. The fastest athletes have always been the most successful. Having a coach to appropriately guide your speed training will set you up for success this winter. Showing up to practice in great condition with an extra gear will absolutely leave a positive impression on your coach. Then you can leave the competition in the dust.

The strength training you do over the fall months will pay off by allowing you to play with more confidence and power. (Think: Faster sprints and higher jumps.) Plus, you’ll know you are moving the correct way because your speed and agility coach has allowed you to make mistakes and learn from them in a low-pressure situation. Training far away from where the score is kept and the game is on the line lets you learn in an effective environment for the truly great results.

2. Competitive Training

When training with a group, competition always finds a way to surface. In a lot of ways, nothing is more important in athletic development than some healthy competition. Working alongside athletes better than you or at a similar level in sprints, jumps, medicine ball throws, squats, or any other exercise will get that EXTRA out of you every time. If you’ve been competing all fall, when the games that matter finally start up in winter, you’ll have a competitive edge on all of the athletes who sat back and waited.

3. Level-Up Capabilities

A whole season’s worth of sprinting, jumping, and lifting will directly improve your athleticism, no question. Taking this newfound athleticism to your sport will then set you up to take the next step:

  • Make the team

  • Play Junior Varsity

  • Play VARSITY

  • Become a Starter!

  • Accomplish TEAM goals

However you want to level-up with your game, developing your speed and agility needs to come first. This is especially true in the fall months. Don’t settle for an “off-season” when you can use this time to step up your skill set. You’ll be glad you put in the effort when tryouts begin again!

Where do you stand now, where do you want to end up? At Correct2Compete, we’re here to take your game from good to great. Join us in Speed and Agility and take the next step in your development!

Jordan Hamsley