Don’t Wait Till Summer To Have A Beach Body

Winter is in full swing here in Indiana. The holidays are over, the snow is falling, and the temperatures are dropping. A lot of people are already longing for summer, and looking forward to the days when we can shed the jackets and sweaters, and spend our time basking in the sun. If you’re like most of us, you want to be in good shape and look your best when it’s time to hit the pool or the beach. Even though summer is a few months away, don’t wait until then to start working on your body. Here are a few reasons why the gym is the perfect place to spend your cold winter days in.  

Physical changes take time  

The start of a new year is often the busiest time in a gym, as people begin their New Year’s Resolutions. The next surge is typically right before the spring break season. Vacationers hit the gym a week or two before their trip, thinking they can drop lots of weight and pack on muscle if they just do enough crunches and bench presses. However, change takes time. The adaptations required to build muscle and lose fat do not happen overnight. In fact, for the first several weeks of an exercise program, increases in strength are due to neurological adaptations more than increases in muscle size. As far as fat loss is concerned, a healthy rate of fat loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Only through a consistent, long-term exercise program can we really achieve the physical changes we are striving for. So start your program now, be consistent and patient, and be ready to look your best this summer!  

Boost your mental health  

Exercise doesn’t just give our muscles a boost, it kick starts our brains too. With the winter season comes shorter days, colder weather, and more time spent inside. These things can negatively impact mood, energy levels, and even productivity at work. A regular exercise program is an excellent prescription for the winter blues. A good workout a few times a week reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, while increasing cognitive function and self-esteem. If the cold and snow is getting you down, or you’re feeling a little extra stress, start your exercise program now and be ready to take on winter with a smile on your face!  

Improve your golf game  

Winter in Indiana can be tough on your golf game. Hitting on indoor ranges and playing on simulators become your only options for keeping your game sharp. While these are great alternatives to playing out on the course, they aren’t the only ways to improve your game while you wait for the temperature to warm up. Winter is a great time to put extra focus on your golf fitness. The physical side of golf is an often overlooked aspect of the game, but arguably the most important. If we aren’t hitting the ball as well or as far as we’d like, we immediately think of what we need to change in our swing to get the ball going where we want. However, physical limitations or weaknesses may be the real culprit. Most common swing flaws are often the result of a mobility and/or stability issue somewhere in the body. If these issues aren’t addressed in the gym, they can lead to a less efficient swing, as well as compensations throughout the body, and potentially injury, down the road. With the cold and snow keeping you inside more often this winter, it’s a great time to see a golf fitness specialist, and start working on a program to maximize efficiency in your swing, prevent injury, and be ready to crush the course when spring rolls around!

There are numerous ways going to the gym can boost not only how you look but how you feel. Spend the cold days inside working up a sweat, and reap the rewards once the warmer weather comes back!

Jordan Hamsley