Mastering the Par 18 Drill

It’s April, the Azaleas are blooming in Georgia, the Midwest is thawing out as restless golfers pounce on every opportunity to play soggy course, and the best golfers in the world are preparing for the first major of the year. It’s Masters season. Every golfer in Augusta knows they will have to survive Augusta National’s tough greens and tight lies if they want any hope of donning the green jacket. The best players are practicing their scrambling, but how can us in Indiana do the same?

The answer is the Par 18 Drill, but what is it? The Par 18 drill is a simple scrambling game that focuses on scoring rather than technique. All you need is a hole, chipping location, one ball, wedge, and putter. From there, you chip the ball to the hole, and try to putt the ball in on the first attempt. The goal is to have a total score of 20 or better, or an up and down percentage of roughly 75% (PGA Tour average is 57%, but practice hard so the game is easy, right?).

The most common question we face is “since its 9 chips to the same hole, is this really doing anything?” The answer, yes, it is, here is what you are improving:

  1. Chipping- We need to get the ball close consistently to increase our odds of making the putt. Remember, every inch close improves our odds of making the putt!

  2. Putting- We have to get the ball in the hole, plain and simple.

  3. Focus- It's easy to get lost in the repetitiveness. It takes a lot of mental toughness to complete this drill.

  4. Learning to score- Shooting our lowest score is rarely straightforward and easy. Most of the time we have utilize course management, strategy, and luck to shoot our best score, or have consistency.

It is hard to hit every green in regulation, so having a solid short game to limit bogies and doubles. So why not play a game that works on our scoring ability to help lower our scores? Try the Par 18 Drill out at your course or come in to our facility and have one of our professionals take you through level 1 of our 9-level game!

Having trouble completing one of our levels or at your own course? Have one of our professionals take you through the chipping ladder to help you get the ball closer to the hole. Putting your issue? Have one of 3 Level 3 Certified SAM PuttLab instructors take you through a putting analysis!

The Par 18 game is a versatile game that will sharpen anyone’s scrambling. Struggling from getting up-and-down out of a bunker? Go ahead and make a game of it to practice! Losing strokes from a tough bump and run? You know the answer, make it into a Par 18 game! Remember, when it comes to practice make it fun, but challenging and if you need help, come see us at Correct2Compete!

Keith Suttle