FlightScope- Why we use it and how it can help you

Looking down the practice range at any given PGA Tour event, even a non-golfer can notice one constant for many of the players. That constant is the use of a launch monitor. The best players, including Bryson DeChambeau and his FlightScope, in the world rely on accurate information to prepare to play for millions of dollars, so why don’t you use this same technology to improve your game?

FlightScope provides a player with a trove of data that they can use to improve their game. So what type of data is available, more importantly, what should you focus on? Here are five data points every golfer should be knowledgeable and aware of to make the most out of their practice session:

1. Ball flight

When hitting indoors, FlightScope provides and accurate representation of each shot’s ball flight. We need to know where the ball is going, and this feature provides that need.

2. Club speed

FlightScope tracks the golf club right at impact and reports back to how fast one is swinging. Knowing how fast we swing is important from fitting golf clubs to knowing if we are making the most of our swing.

3. Smash Factor

This data point is from taking ball speed and dividing it by your club speed. Smash factor provides a number that simply tells you how well you are hitting the ball. A smash factor of 1.50 for a driver is the most efficient a player can hit a ball and should be everyone’s goal to achieve.

4. Club path

The direction the club head is moving right at impact has a huge influence of where the ball will curve in the air. A club path that is to the right is an “in-to-out” swing for a right-handed player, and a left club path would be and “out-to-in” or “over-the-top.”

5. Carry distance

The most overestimated and incorrect part of most amateur’s game. Knowing how far a player can hit the ball before it lands is an integral part of strategizing their shot. Being confident that you will be able to carry a pond that is 180 yards away helps reduce stress and commit to the shot.

Focusing on these 5 parameters will give you a practice session that will help you improve. Knowing where the ball goes, how hard you swing, how well you hit the ball, what is influencing your ball flight, and how far the ball goes are the most important pieces of data FlightScope provides. Limiting yourself to these main points will also keep your practice consistent and worthwhile, instead of getting caught looking at data that may not be important to you.

FlightScope also has a practice/evaluation application called FlightScope Skills. Think of this application as an advance version of target practice. We utilize this app in our evaluation process. We have multiple custom programs to help identify weakness in a player’s game.

Even if you need work on a few specific distances, we can create a program that is designed for you, to help you practice even better!

Keith Suttle