Building Relationships Through the Group Fitness Community and Group Golf

Throughout my time as a coach at Correct2Compete I have seen a variety of excuses on why people don’t show up to the gym for their appointment. “Something came up with work”, “I have another appointment”, “I need to help a family member”, “I overslept”, or even “I forgot to put it in my calendar”. It’s common for people to make excuses when they don’t have the dedication or motivation to show up to something.  

But, what I’ve noticed is that the most consecutive clients I have are those that are a part of our group classes. Not only are those clients dedication and motivated to show up, but they have others who hold them accountable and challenge them throughout their fitness journey. 

Before I started at Correct2Compete I started participating in an annual Tough Mudder. If you’re unaware of what that is, it’s basically a 13-14 mile obstacle course. I have entered into the event in two different ways. One was in Colorado with a boyfriend, but we joined a group of people from Utah (whom I met on Facebook). Another was while I was in Australia in which I signed up alone.  

Both experiences were great not only because it’s fun and you’re exercising and you’re playing in the mud for a couple hours but because you’re being challenged and encouraged in a team environment. Most of the obstacles throughout the Tough Mudder are built in a way that you need one or more team members to complete them and because it’s not a race, you’re encouraging others along the way. You’re challenged to push through because your team is there watching you and counting on you, and after a couple of stimulating hours, you strengthen relationships or even build new ones. 

My example is not so different from the Group Fitness and Group Golf that we provide at C2C. No, we aren’t making you roll through mud, but the team concept is still there. Being a part of a group of individuals that all have their own journey, but come together to achieve their goals. Everyone has their own reason for why they exercise. It can be general fitness, weight loss, strength, power, or mobility.  

We all work at our own pace, have different levels of motivation and drive, but ultimately the goal is to become better or in some cases, maintain a certain level. Alot of people quit activities because they don’t have anyone holding them accountable, or they miss one, which soon becomes two, three and soon you stop attending altogether. It can be difficult to find time with careers and families. None of that should hold you back from obtaining your goals though. What the group environment provides is an extended source of friends who support and encourage your goals along with their own. Who ask where you are when you don’t show up, push you to finish your sets, and share the reward of knowing that hour is over with and you’re one step closer to where you want to be. 

The same goes for those in our Group Golf Sessions. Everyone may have different goals, short game, driving, irons. But, when a group shows up with the access to a coach to guide you through a drill, it makes a difference in the outcome. You know you’re not facing some of the MANY challenges that golf provides, alone. 

Being a part of a group not only allows for accountability and encouragement but for relationships. Throughout my time at C2C I have watched friendships form and it’s more than a group of people who workout together or who take lessons together. They go to sporting events and they check in on their families. Last year, we all got together (including the coaches) and went to a concert together. For those golfers out there, it’s a good opportunity to meet members from other courses. The relationships built within groups are much deeper than a handful of people showing up for an hour a couple times a week. 

For those out there that have struggled to get started in Fitness or Golf because they can’t find the time, or once they get started they don’t see results immediately – I’d highly recommend group sessions. No, you still won’t see overnight results. But the reality with fitness, golf and almost everything in life is that nothing is immediate, it takes time. In a group setting however, you’re going to find some more motivation to keep coming and you’ll have others there to hold you accountable. A group of individuals with their own goals who come together for a common purpose. But, the relationships formed throughout the process is what really makes a difference. 

Keith Suttle