Sports Performance Assessments

FMS Sports Assessment

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is used to educate the athlete on personal physical limitations that lead to imbalances or injuries. It is a 21-point test designed to assess functional movement patterns that are directly related to sports performance. Along with function, we will also evaluate strength and power in specific areas to give the athlete the information they need to train smarter and more efficiently.

Speed & Agility Assessment

The assessment for our speed and agility program at C2C is critical in order to design a training program for our athletes.  The purpose of our assessment is to obtain information required to set certain training program variables such as frequency, intensity, volume, and rest. An athlete needs a basic level of functional strength in order to begin a speed and agility training program, so it is our duty to asses and correct in order for our athletes to compete at their highest level.  We begin our assessments with a Functional Movement Screen, then move on to test power, strength and speed. We conduct our assessments upon arrival for our newcomers, and on the last Saturday of every month in order to measure improvements.